Aug 4, 2022

How LevAR is Transforming Ecommerce Companies with the Power of AR

Via Disrupt Magazine

In today’s marketplace, ecommerce business owners need technological resources to help them connect with customers and enrich the shopping experience. Advances in AR have made this possible – but historically, building multi-channel 3D and AR product experiences have required hundreds of thousands of dollars in resources and months of planning and development.

With these constraints in place, the gap has grown wider between small and medium business owners and the largest ecommerce brands in the industry.

At LevAR, they are on a mission to level the playing field for SMB ecommerce retailers, delivering exceptional 3D modeling and AR product experiences with lightning speed and an investment that every company can afford. The fast-growing SaaS company is led by founder Tre Lucas, who envisioned technology that could be used by anyone, regardless of experience, background, and resources.

“My background is in retail and ecommerce, so we approach everything we do from the retailer’s perspective,” Lucas says. “The attention to detail we have in creating 3D models goes back to our understanding of retail and the importance of capturing the fidelity and detail of a product.”

Because LeVAR integrates seamlessly with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, integrating the models with online storefronts is as easy as a few clicks.

“We spent two years building the backend infrastructure to make things easy, fast, and cost-effective,” Lucas says, adding that although their speed is unmatched, they also create models that set the standard for quality.

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