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We invest in people. We invest in leading-edge ideas.

The PS27 venture capital fund, focuses on investment opportunities in early-stage SaaS, HealthTech, FinTech, and E-commerce that can scale rapidly. We’re looking for entrepreneurs who are seeking growth capital. We’re also looking for the right market fit, the right team chemistry, and the right leaders to partner with. We are interested in working with all founders, including those who may be disabled, veterans, women, and people of color.

Kyle Lampkin Black Founders Demo Day Jacksonville


We do more than fund startups. We create success stories.

We believe you’ll call it the best thing to ever happen to you. We empower entrepreneurs to bring their breakthrough ideas to market. We help startups leverage innovative, disruptive technologies and become market leaders. Through our PS27 process, we’ll work with you every step of the way, offering expert advice, professional guidance, and an infusion of capital into the early stages of development.


It’s not just who you know —  it’s what they know.

Our group, based in Northeast Florida, includes a global network of experts in business strategy, go to market, financial marketing and the lean startup methodology.

Christine Caven Makes Connections at Young Professionals Event

We’re on a mission: yours.


Startup stewardship

We work side by side with teams in our operational model, using the lean methodology to make their dreams a reality. What’s more, our leadership programs grow teams to become well-rounded founders.

Jim Stallings and Travis Gibson at PS27 Ventures Office in Jacksonville

ABout Us

Our team puts you first

Our startup companies leverage innovation and disruptive technology to remain agile, gain, share and lead their segment. We invest in fast growing, scalable, technology businesses.

Our Success Stories

Working with the PS27 Team has given us fresh eyes and a new perspective of our business that we wouldn’t have received elsewhere. From support with future raises to marketing strategy, their team is helping us reach our growth goals faster than we could have alone. Every funder doesn’t lend this level of support, and we are fortunate to have found a VC that supports our mission and aligns with our vision.”

— Kimba Williams, CEO & Co-Founder

Kushae Founders

“Product Market Fit isn’t something you find – it’s something you do. Kadeya’s success thus far and going forward depends on our ability to iterate and learn faster than anybody else. Jim, the whole team at PS27, and the incredible contacts in their network tell it to us straight, meaning our feedback flywheel can spin ever faster and we can hit new speeds of execution.”

— Manuela Zoninsein, CEO and Founder

“The PS27 Team brings a fresh perspective and awesome hands-on experience in driving growth fundamentally aligned with our vision. The team has been top-notch from day one, adding value across all spectrums of SkillCycle. We are honored to be part of PS27’s collaborative approach to drive guidance and accountability to ensure success. The diversity of the team and portfolio is amazing too! Jim and the team are a true partner, which is the heartbeat of any business.”

— Kristy McCann Flynn, CEO & Co-Founder

“I’m thrilled to partner with Jim and the PS27 team. I was immediately attracted to PS27’s collaborative approach and deep operator experience. PS27 brings strategic value way beyond capital through their insights, commitment, and relationships. As a founder, I recognize it takes a village. I’m excited and grateful that the PS27 team is part of our village, providing unparalleled support to amplify our impact.”

— B.J. Wiley Williams, Founder

“We were looking for a VC that could not just write a check, but a firm with a team that could work with us to build an execution plan and help us work through the most critical decisions in our first year. PS27 has the right mix of hands-on involvement and encouragement to help us excel.”

— Kofi Gyasi, CEO & Founder

“The PS27 Team has been an immense help in growing our superfood brand RYZE. From creating digital marketing content to introducing us to potential investors, we’ve been able to work side-by-side with PS27 to grow our business.”

— Andrée Werner, Co-Founder

“PS27 has been an amazing partner along our entrepreneurial journey. The guidance and accountability they provide have been instrumental to our success as a company thus far. They’ve really helped us put the pieces in place, taking things from concept to a fully functioning business.”

— Dick Sykes, Co-Founder

“The PS27 team helped us refine our growth strategy and provided levAR with the capital, connections, and community needed to grow our business. From digital marketing support to weekly sales calls, the PS27 team has always provided expert advice and accountability.”

— Tre Lucas, Co-Founder

“The PS27 team has been, in a word, awesome. We were looking for a real value add partner, not just cheap money. We landed with PS27 due to their commitment to growth and willingness to share resources to make the vision happen.”

— Derick Dorner, Co-Founder

“Partnering with PS27 has been an exceptional experience in every way. During initial calls, it was clear the PS27 team had researched our business, understood the problems we were solving, recognized how we were different yet challenged our thinking, and made a quick decision. Jim and his team are not only professional, smart, and a pleasure to work with, but they’re making introductions to prospective clients, assisting in securing a material distribution opportunity, are active in PR, and have been engaged to provide ongoing support as we’ve needed. It’s truly exciting and humbling to have PS27 as a financial sponsor helping us succeed.”

— Gary Palmer, Co-Founder

“As we build OnRamp and sell to ever larger customers, it was important to us to work with people who had seen the journey before and could help us navigate the road ahead. We partnered with PS27 because of their deep experience in the world of enterprise technology. They know the way that organizations like to buy technology and are well-placed to connect us with so many of them. We see PS27 as an extension of our go-to-market team.” 

— Ross Lerner, Co-Founder

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with PS27, whose values align perfectly with our own. PS27’s marketing & sales expertise, along with their deep network, make them the perfect partner for accelerating our growth and amplifying our impact in the market.”

— Shannon Hynds, CEO & Co-Founder

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