Oct 5, 2021

Silicon Valley Icon Lakshman Rathnam will speak at PS27 Leadership Day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., October 5, 2021 – The PS27 Foundation announced today that this year’s keynote speaker will be Lakshman Rathnam, a Silicon Valley veteran and CEO of Wordly. Lakshman has been a product designer at some of the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and the world. He was a lead product development executive at Apple and a senior engineer at Amazon’s innovation arm, Lab 126. His startup, https://wordly.ai, provides automated real-time spoken language translations for use on smartphones and connected devices. 

PS27 Leadership Day will be held on October 27th and is an event designed exclusively for innovators and entrepreneurs looking to bring their BIG idea to the next level. Experienced subject matter experts guide each session in the critical aspects of leadership. In addition, founders and their teams attend sessions that include ethical leadership, effective communications, and high-performance team building.

“We have always believed that it’s great leaders that go on to build great companies. So we have designed a program that teaches founders the core elements of great leadership”, said PS27 Foundation Chairman Jim Stallings. Hundreds of startups apply to attend this unique and exclusive opportunity to learn and interact with top leaders, successful founders, venture capitalists, and corporate sponsors. To learn more about Leadership Day, visit www.ps27ventures.com/leadershipday.

About PS27 Foundation: 

PS27 Foundation provides educational resources to early-stage companies and startups to help them achieve sustainable growth. We deliver training through experiential programs, virtual workshops, company site visits, comprehensive mentoring, and distance learning.

PS27 uses advanced techniques and equipment to enable an environment that promotes continuous learning and team collaboration. In addition, PS27 Foundation is constantly working to form strategic partnerships with local and national organizations to promote entrepreneurship,  innovation and improve the community. To learn more about PS27 Foundation, please visit ps27foundation.org.

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