Oct 1, 2021

Blended Designs Deliver Products That Inspire & Empower

When Casey Kelley decided to create some of the products she needed for her own wedding, the items she crafted turned out so well that she launched a family business to sell more like them.

“We started Blended Designs (BD) in 2014 shortly after we got married. We made all the wedding stationery and favors ourselves. We had very unique items. Our “Save the Date” included a string that tied into a knot when it was opened, our thank-you cards were a puzzle with a photo of our new Blended family. Everyone suggested we offer these items for others so we opened an Etsy store,” Kelley recalls.

Based in Jacksonville, Fla., BD sells products with a positive message, including an aspirational travel and products brand that educates, motivates, and stimulates the culture’s experience and narrative.

Kelley says it’s important for her customers to see themselves represented, especially children.

“In 2017, our then eight-year-old son wanted a backpack that looked like him. His classmate had a backpack with a character with red hair and freckles. My son noticed that it looked like his classmates and became aware that there wasn’t an option that looked like him,” she shares. “We did research and found that less than 2 percent of the character backpacks included children of color. It is important for children to see themselves because it gives a sense of empowerment and belonging. They feel included.”

The initial response was extraordinary. Read the full article here.

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