Aug 4, 2020

25+ Black VCs and Investors That Financially Support Black Entrepreneurs


Article by Ashley Tate via. Bauce

As more black women become invested in entrepreneurship and generational wealth—representation in spaces that were built on the intention of boxing us out has grown immensely. As we witness women that look like ourselves breaking the many ceilings, we can do nothing but hope to do the same. Yet, it can be challenging to invest your heart and soul into your business when it is nearly impossible to find someone who genuinely wants to invest without feeling like their space is being threatened.

That’s where creating even more spaces for ourselves comes in. In a world where the odds seem to be rallied against us, we must be our biggest advocate. It is imperative that if we are in the position to lend the ladder down to someone, we take the first chance we can get. Black investors do exist, contrary to what you may or may not see. Don’t give up on your million-dollar-idea just yet, BAUCE has compiled a list of VCs and investors that can help lift you over the hurdles that are keeping you from the finish line. Read the full article here.

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