Nov 19, 2018

Shop Startups this Season

There is never a bad time to support a startup company. We have compiled the list below, featuring some of the PS27 companies that you can support this holiday season.

Fresh Jax: With Farmers Market roots, a flare for creative everyday cooking, and a whole lot of love, Jason and Hillary have been handcrafting gourmet spice blends and sharing simple, delicious recipes since 2011. FreshJax is a small family business striving to handcraft the world’s best organic spice blends.

Blended Designs: Blended Designs goal is to provide gear to students that encourages them to be their best. They do this by producing bags, totes, and organizational tools with fun characters representing a broad range of melanin skin tones. Their products are made to be sturdy so kids can count on them to work. And Blended Designs commits to giving students in less-advantaged schools free gear with the help of local community organizations. 

Resility: For many of us, stress is a daily reality. Work stress, home stress, and just about everything in between can really leave its mark on us. Resility is a digital platform to assess, monitor, and manage stress. Self-guided programs deliver better health outcomes with relaxation exercises. Resility allows users to see how muscle tension responds to the exercises using the Resility sensor.

Civilized Coffee: Coffee is a universal custom, thousands of years, old yet always a new and invigorating experience. Thomas Jefferson called coffee “the favorite drink of the civilized world.” Civilized Coffee believes this tradition, borrowed and shared across many cultures, has the power to unite and inspire. We hope our coffees are enjoyed over civilized conversations between friends both dear and different, all over the world.

Smart Box: SmartBox is the largest health foods automated retailer in Florida and one of the top natural & organic snack services companies in the US. Our mission is to make high-quality foods and beverages affordable and available, anytime, anywhere with Smart Box gift boxes.

Rain Girl Golf:  In 2013, Kathy Nyman designed an innovative and fashionable line of rainwear for women and junior golfers. As a golfer herself, she knew what would be comfortable, practical and not interfere with playing the game.  Her designs were included in the “Best New Product” category at the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show.  The Rain Girl Golf line has continued to grow and her unique Rain Girl hat is an increasingly popular prize at women’s events. 

Apple Rose Beauty: Apple Rose Beauty provides natural and organic skin care and organic beauty products that work to visibly produce real results. Their company has a Big Heart with a mission to help end human trafficking.

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