Nov 15, 2018

Custom Design Partners Blog on Leadership Week

Check out this excerpt from the Custom Design Partners blog about PS27 Leadership Week by Alex Hatala.

PS27 Ventures clear warning claims that their Leadership Week is ‘not for everybody’, and most attendees would agree. This is an intense, weeklong workshop lasting roughly 12 hours a day, for entrepreneurs, founders and owners to step up, stay open minded, and learn something.

Dedication, passion and willingness is an absolute must before you even consider applying- else it’s likely you will drop out by the second day. Having been to several conferences and seminars, there is no truthful comparison to PS27 Leadership Week. Sure, it can be grueling. Yes, it will be frustrating. It is clear the main objective is to train, teach and provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to reach a level of success they desire and wish for- but, utilizing the tools provided to you in the real world is up to you. To read the full blog, click here.


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