Mar 5, 2024

PS27’s Top Five Highlights from Synapse Summit 2024

1. Seeing PS27 Ventures CEO Jim Stallings speak on the “Why Florida” Panel

Participating in the Tampa Bay Synapse Summit provided a wealth of insights, especially when witnessing Jim Stallings, CEO of PS27 Ventures, share valuable perspectives during the “Why Florida Panel.”

Stallings’ expertise and passion for fostering innovation in the state were evident as he discussed the region’s potential as a hub for technology and entrepreneurship.

“We believe we are getting the interest from entrepreneurs across the state. Capital, I tell people, is like gravity; if you have a lot of it it pulls people in. If you have a whole lot of it, it pulls even more people in, and it pulls talent in. We are certainly on our way to being a big planet,” Stallings said.

Panelists included Claudia Duran, Managing Director of Endeavor Miami; John Wensveen, Chief Innovation Officer at Nova Southeastern University; and Steve Nakagawa, Cenfulence Program Director at the Florida High Tech Corridor. The panel was moderated by Lauren Prager, CEO at Synapse Florida.

Their perspectives on leveraging Florida’s unique strengths to drive economic growth left a lasting impression on the audience. It emphasized the importance of collaboration and community-building in the innovation ecosystem.

2. Meeting the latest rising star startup companies including Artemis Immersive, Kitchenery, and Certus Core

Meeting the latest rising star startup companies at the Tampa Bay Synapse Summit was an exciting highlight of the event.

Among them was Artemis Immersive, a company focused on improving patient care through immersive experiences for physicians. Their platform uses spatial computing to enhance medical conventions, education programs, and patient engagement.

Kitchenery showcased their cutting-edge Cordless Kitchen Appliances, which integrate Wireless Power Transfer technology to revolutionize cooking environments. Their modular power transfer system and smart kitchen solutions offer flexibility and convenience, setting a new standard for modern cooking experiences.

Lastly, Certus Core stood out with its software platform designed to solve complex data problems and decision-making challenges. Founded by veterans, Certus Core is dedicated to changing the way people and machines interact with data, offering efficient and actionable insights through AI-powered chat-like queries.

3. Hearing from Keynote Shirl Penny on Building to $100 Billion: Leading Through Innovation and Resilience

Keynote speaker Shirl Penny‘s keynote on “Building to $100 Billion: Leading Through Innovation and Resilience” was a truly captivating experience that left an impact on the audience. Penny, CEO of at Dynasty Financial Partners insights of innovation and resilience resonated with everyone, mentioning the importance of continual learning and personal growth.

“Focus on what you learn and not what you earn in your first job” was the essence of Penny’s message, serving as a reminder to prioritize knowledge gain and skill development over immediate financial gains. This advice, particularly directed at students in the audience, provided a sense of inspiration and determination, urging individuals to embrace a mindset of innovation and perseverance in their pursuit of success.

Penny’s keynote motivated and encouraged introspection, encouraging attendees to reflect on their aspirations and the importance of lifelong learning on the path to achieving their goals.

4. Touring the NASA Space Bus

Touring the NASA Space Bus at the Synapse Summit was an exhilarating experience. Led by David Yocum, a dedicated high school teacher with a vision to redefine education, the Space Bus is not just a motorhome; it’s a mobile entertainment center with a space flight simulator.

David’s commitment to empowering students and elevating their skills is evident in every aspect of the Space Bus, from its design to cutting-edge educational simulations.

By selling his home and starting this journey, David showcased his determination to provide future generations with creative learning opportunities. The Space Bus is more than just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of dreams and the impact of imagination.

5.) Bringing our team together for Tampa’s Largest Innovation Event

Our team’s participation at the Synapse Summit, Tampa’s Largest Innovation Event, was an exceptional occasion that allowed us to engage with leaders in various industries alongside entrepreneurs and visionaries. Amidst the atmosphere of innovation, we used this opportunity to scout for companies and potential partners.

At PS27 Ventures, we focus on identifying and supporting innovative ventures with promising potential. If you believe your company aligns with our vision and you’re seeking funding to propel your growth, we invite you to reach out and share your pitch deck with us. We’re eager to explore opportunities for collaboration that drive success and advancement in the innovation landscape.

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