Jul 23, 2019

SmartBox Offers Families and Students a Subscription for Healthy Snacks


It’s ‘Snack to School’ Season

Via Yahoo Finance

Summertime is soon transitioning to back-to-school time, leaving less hours in the day to prepare healthy snacks on the go. SmartBox Company now provides a solution for families and busy individuals and has launched new options online with their Express snack box service to cater to busy moms, families and even college students to make an affordable variety of healthy snack options quick, convenient and accessible.

Launched by SmartBox in 2018, SmartBox Express provides a subscription-based service to provide individuals with tasty, yet healthy, snack options, designed for their lifestyle. The SmartBox team is constantly searching for the best all-natural and organic snacks and beverages, and getting them into the hands of those looking for the latest products their family will love.  

“The Family Box is the perfect way to provide high-quality lunch box treats for the kids, and also stock a pantry at home for oneself. It is versatile enough to give the older kids a gift as they head to college for the first time or for the little ones, to make mom’s life easier when it comes to choosing healthy options,” said Brandon Stallings, SmartBox Founder.

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