Jun 6, 2022

Learn How PS27 Ventures and the PS27 Foundation are Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed

Via Yahoo Finance

The PS27 Ventures venture capital fund and foundation are helping female, minority and veteran-led small businesses discover success. On the venture capital side, PS27 Ventures recently launched the Rhea Fund — and the PS27 Foundation supports entrepreneurs through programs and connections they have made within the community.

[PS27 Leadership Week Class of 2019]

PS27 Leadership Week Class of 2019

In addition to giving founders money, the PS27 Ventures and Foundation work with small business owners on how to “Think Big and Start Small.” “Think Big and Start Small,” PS27’s motto, means that founders need the skills to grow their companies and must be aware of their timing and growth strategy. Through their funding and educational offerings like Leadership Week, are helping female, black, and veteran founders realize their wildest dreams.

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