Dec 20, 2022

PS27 Announces Investment Into R&D Platform Specialists

Via. Jacksonville Business Journal

Jacksonville-based fund PS27 Ventures announced Tuesday it participated in a $2 million seed round for NotedSource, a software company that designed a platform to connect research and development partners.

NotedSource aims to help companies meet and collaborate more effectively with professors, interdisciplinary researchers and key opinion leaders from academia to accelerate product innovation and people development.

“They’re doing really well,” PS27 Founder and CEO Jim Stallings told the Business Journal this week in a conversation about the company. “They’ve already have agreements, arrangements and projects with some large companies that really prove their model.”

NotedSource has partnered with Microsoft, Nike, Unilever and Johnson & Johnson to utilize their software, PS27 said in an announcement.

Although Stallings said the platform is scaleable, saying it could expand into new industries or add more companies and researchers.

“This is a way of matching really talented scientists and innovators with important projects,” he said. “We’re using machine learning and specialized algorithms to match projects and skill sets.”

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