Feb 3, 2021

JaxAngels Invests in Miventure

JaxAngels Invests in Miventure

Via. JaxChamber News

Jacksonville investment group JaxAngels announces an investment in a financial technology company, Miventrue. Miventure is a platform where anybody can lend capital to small businesses. Created on the foundation that communities should be financially empowered, Miventure allows capital to reach business owners when they need it most. The investment comes from JaxAngels, a group of angel investors whose mission is to make available two of the most necessary assets that an early-stage company needs; one is capital, and the other is advice and mentoring. 

“We are thrilled to announce the deal with Miventure. As a group, we bring not only capital – but decades of expertise in software development and fintech to help Miventure bring their business to the next level,” says Kay Nichols, an investor at JaxAngels. 

The profile of companies JaxAngels is seeking out are early-stage startups currently in the market, generating revenues with a highly qualified dedicated team that needs expansion capital and expert advice and connections within an industry vertical. JaxAngels came together in June 2019 as a group of individuals interested in filling the seed funding gap for startups in our region and are interested in creating jobs and economic growth for Jacksonville.


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