May 12, 2020

FreshJax Featured in St. Johns Magazine


Article by Lori Allen

Ok so let’s face it as much as we would like to be dining out during this time instead we are all cooking and experimenting at home. So why not try something different and exciting??! FreshJax organic spices have come up with some really great combinations of seasonings for all kinds of foods.  Their seasonings are made by hand in small batches using only organic spices, herbs, and salts but more importantly it’s the incredible flavor that makes these so good.  Anyone that knows me knows I love to hit the salt shaker to enhance my food but there is no need with these gems. They provide enough salt and seasoning even for me!

For my first try I was working on cooking up some “healthy baked fries”.  I had researched some recipes (because what else is there to do during this stay at home time?)  And all of them suggested using cayenne to give the fries that extra flavor without being fried.  So I cut up some fresh potatoes, let them soak for a bit so that the starch gets removed which results in a crispier fry. Dried them off, and then tossed them in some EVO and FreshJax Peppered habanero seasoning replacing the suggested cayenne.   These fries baked up crispy and the peppered habanero added just the right amount of heat …when I bit into them I for sure was thinking did these come from one of those fast food places?  My son devoured them in minutes!

For my next blast of flavor I hit the grill and decided to try a multitude of FreshJax spices. I cut up some zucchini and summer squash then tossed them in a little EVO and used the Grillmaster seasoning on them. Grillmaster is a combination of cracked pepper, onion, garlic and fennel just to name a few of the spices. The seasoning brightened up the veggies and when grilled produced a nice flavorful char on them.  Steak was next and I opted to use the Sunrise Cowgirls coffee rub.  This seasoning has a 5 pepper blend, coffee, cherry wood sea salt, cocoa, ancho and chipotle along with others to create a sweet, savory complex flavor.  I have used cocoa in my chili before but never on a steak so this proved to be a really nice combination.  My last grilled item was some fish.  Citrus Pepper blend was calling my name.  After all, citrus and fish are no brainer!  The seasoning enhanced the fish with zesty flavors of orange lemon and lime keeping it light and fresh. Read more here.

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