May 5, 2021

FreshJax Launches on Kickstarter

Congratulations to PS27 Portfolio Company, FreshJax Organic Spices, on their Kickstarter launch!

This week FreshJax launched two brand new and bold spices on Kickstarter: Triple Dog Dare HOT Bloody Mary Mix and Happy Hamlet Vegan Bacon Salt.

The Bloody Mary mix brings the heat with cayenne, chipotle, and habanero, but is balanced out with the sweet taste of sucanat. and the smoky, sweet, and savory bacon salt hits all the notes when used as a drink rimmer for your Bloody Mary, a baked potato topper, or scrambled egg seasoning.

Support the campaign learn more about their Plant-Based Dry Bloody Mary Drink Mix & Vegan Bacon Salt with the link below.

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