May 28, 2019

Is Fiber at the Tipping Point?

James Cowan and Will Bewley Co-Founders of Docity

James Cowan and Will Bewley Co-Founders of Docity

Docity was recently featured in an article by Broadband Communities titled, “Is Fiber at the Tipping Point?”. Check out an excerpt from the article below.

“On day one, Medina County residents will have access to telehealth services provided by Docity, a telemedicine provider that partners with communities. Docity connects patients and providers through live virtual visits using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Its mission is to eliminate 30 percent of all in-person visits by 2030 and replace them with virtual visits at 30 percent of the cost. Telehealth could be a boon to elderly residents and those who live far from their doctors, and it could help hospitals cut costs as well, says Corrado.

Other services under discussion include smart-home and smart-city applications. Snider says he can even envision services such as Netflix offered on the local network, rather than over the public internet. The more services are available, the more revenue is generated to support the network.”

To read the full article click here.

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