Apr 10, 2019

Rise and grind! Founders of Civilized Coffee Discuss Their Latest Venture

Via. CreditCards.com

Fittingly, Civilized Coffee was created over conversation and a cup of java. In the fall of 2017, founders Mark Patterson and Jeff Norton were drinking coffee in their warehouse, ruminating over their next business moves.

Patterson had recently left his ice cream and food consulting businesses while Norton had just returned from Africa, where he was working with local coffee farmers to import green coffee from around the world for wholesale. Together, they decided that a coffee company was the perfect endeavor, and the name came from a Thomas Jefferson quote. “In 1824 Jefferson deemed coffee ‘the favorite drink of the civilized world,’” says Patterson. “We decided this was perfect for what we wanted our brand to represent – bringing civility back to conversations.”

Shunting aside brick-and-mortar, the business model was always going to be online sales. “It’s quick to market this way,” says Patterson. “Products can be instantly uploaded and ready for purchase.” Another benefit of e-commerce is that it’s inherently a large market. While sales would be local or regional from opening a café, the reach is national and global from the very start. Costs are also reduced so savings are passed on to consumers. To read the full story click here.

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