Feb 7, 2022

Civilized Coffee New Model: E-commerce to Retail

Las Vegas, NV (January 19, 2022) – Civilized Coffee is using their E-commerce success to fuel an expanding Retail footprint across North America. The Founders of Civilized Coffee will be exhibiting coffee and tea products at the Winter Fancy Food Show to showcase new product lines and Best Sellers.

Civilized Coffee has flipped the switch on the conventional craft food startup models. While craft foods traditionally focus on success in the local Grocery store then transition to growing their E-commerce. Civilized Coffee began with E-commerce to test products quickly and in a larger global market. Using that formula, they have garnered a devoted following for their premium coffee & teas worldwide.

 “Our Instant Cold Brew Coffee & Tea Powders will be showcased at the What’s New in Specialty Foods 2022 display, we are so excited to get feedback from industry leaders and experts,” said Co-Founder Mark Patterson.

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