Apr 4, 2022

Local Organizations Offer Innovative Training Programs for Alternative Workforces

Building Tomorrow’s Businesses

Via Evolve Magazine

PS27 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to helping innovative entrepreneurs in Florida scale their businesses through coaching and training. The Jacksonville-based firm invests in companies from all over the state in five verticals: software as a service, e-commerce, health tech, financial tech and sustainability.

“When we invest in a business, we become part of their extended team,” says Christine Caven, director of communications for P27. The fund has a team of experts who provide round-the-clock support to ensure their success. 

This can include anything from coaching on how to handle a new client, budget guidance or even preparation for an interview on TV. “We get them prepared for whatever challenges come their way or whatever opportunities they have to grow their business,” says Caven.

This one-on-one approach led the fund to expand its training programs.

“One of the things we’ve learned that was that the founders [who] would come through our programs had some gaps in their leadership skills. So, we started hosting small programs in our office, and we eventually decided to form a foundation around it,” says Caven.

The firm’s marquee event is Leadership Week, a four-day program with the goal of transitioning founders into CEOs. This program selects diverse, multicultural and international teams from a broad variety of industries to participate in leadership training in ethics, communication and high-performance team building. It even offers a mock “Shark Tank” event with a $10,000 award to the winner.

The firm also offers a Black Entrepreneurs Forum and a Female Founders Forum to encourage traditionally underrepresented business owners to build their leadership skills and network. 

Businesses in the First Coast Region are encouraged to visit ps27ventures.com to learn more and apply. 

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