Jun 5, 2024

PS27’s Christine Caven Receives 2024 Fierce Award for Community Leadership

Congratulations to PS27’s Director of Business Development and Communications, Christine Caven, on receiving a Fierce Award. Her dedication, vision, and leadership set an example for Northeast Florida community builders. This honor is well-deserved and a testament to exceptional contributions.

The tradition started in 2015 by recognizing the strong, ambitious, and passionate women who are making a difference in the Gainesville community. Over 125 applied for the 2024 Fierce Awards, which showcase women in our community who are influencers, leaders, and game-changers. Caven was selected as one of the 25 award winners.

2024 Fierce Award Winners

“The best part of the evening was accepting this women’s leadership award with my mom, Marcy McFaul, in the audience. There are so many people who have helped me throughout my career and inspire me to do more. Cheers to continuing to impact the community and leveling the playing field for female founders” said Caven in a LinkedIn post.

Christine Caven and her mother, Marcy McFaul

The program celebrates community-driven women with certain character traits worth emulating. Women who are natural leaders. Women who change the world. Not all of them have a mission to change the world, but when they get behind something – they make an impact. Fierce women are driven and compassionate, leading with motivation to help others succeed because, together, we achieve more.

The formal award ceremony was held at the Granville Plantation on Thursday, May 30th, with 300 people in attendance. The Keynote speaker was a previous Fierce Award Winner, Lacey Jones. Her story of career growth in a male-dominated industry, becoming an executive by age 30, is a testament to the power of a fierce woman.

“It’s about the commitment to get it done. It’s about when you keep going when life is challenging, and there are so many barriers to try to slow you down. Fierce is about taking those hardships and turning them around to meaningful connections,” Jones said.

300 People Gathered for the Award Ceremony Held at Granville Plantation

Fierce women are independent. They are not defined by the people they are with, jobs they hold, or what anyone else can do for them. What makes them Fierce is how they choose to respond, react, engage, assist, lead, and participate.

Learn more and connect with Christine Caven on LinkedIn here.

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