Jun 30, 2020

BLT is on a mission to not only help minorities get into the IT Field, but to excel in the IT field

Chelsea Pierre

Founder and CEO, Blerds Leading Technology

Last week PS27 Ventures Media Advisor Christine Caven sat down with Chelsea Pierre, founder and CEO of Blerds Leading Technology to learn more about their organization. Here’s what we learned.

1. BLT is on a Mission Help Minorities get into the IT Field

BLT exists to provide an unconventional hub for all minorities in technology that seek to advance their network and enhance their skills. Our mission is to connect talented individuals with unique opportunities for employment, education, and leadership that might not otherwise be afforded to them due to ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.

2. BLT is Headquartered in Tampa, Fl

Located in Tampa, BLT serves the community by connecting minority communities with tech training and growth opportunities to help diversify the IT industry. BLT accelerates the movement of diversity and inclusion within the IT industry by providing opportunities for minorities, of both a professional and student background, to excel in their career.

3. BLT Offers Several Membership Packages

BLT offers membership levels starting at $0/Month up to $129/Month. The free membership, also known as the Starter Membership, includes access to some BLT local meet-up events and training and email notifications of the latest tech and minority owned business news. Whereas, the $129/Month Gold Membership, includes access to a Business Consultant, free certification vouchers, unlimited e-learning training, opportunities to meet local business owners and tech leaders, company swag gear, and so much more. Memberships also include access to some BLT local meet-up events and training and email notifications Tech News and Minority events happening in Tampa. People can also follow along on social media by liking BLT on Facebook.

We are accelerating the movement of diversity and inclusion one datacenter at a time.
— Chelsea Pierre

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