Mar 22, 2021

Casey R. Kelley, Founder of Blended Designs Lays Out “The Blueprint” on Starting and Scaling A Business

PS27 Portfolio Company, Blended Designs, was recently featured in Ebony Magazine. Read more in the excerpt below by Savannah Taylor.

Black businesses are booming, and also struggling. How can both be true? Many of us have watched, read or even meme’d about the dire statistics our entrepreneurs are facing—and yes, it’s racial. Sustaining our businesses isn’t easy and we frequently see our favorite establishments shutter their doors, deactivate their sites or unable to grow due to lack of resources, mentorship and/or capital. Casey R. Kelley, owner of Blended Designs, a Black-themed backpack, apparel and accessories company, can relate to these challenges. She has experienced both hardships and wins, and wants Black business owners to learn from her journey. Her new e-book, “The Blueprint: Sh*t No One Tells You About Growing A 7-Figure E-Commerce” is the ultimate guide.

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