Feb 22, 2022

PS27 Ventures’ Top 5 Highlights of Synapse Summit & Photo Gallery

PS27 Group Photo at Synapse 2022

1. Supporting Synapse as a Community Sponsor and Networking with Startups at the PS27 Booth

We had a blast meeting with founders, accelerators, venture capital firms, and innovation enthusiasts from across the region. If you didn’t get a chance to make a hole-in-one for a free book – check out the titles below for our recommended reading list from PS27 Foundation programs over the years.

University of Florida president Kent Fuchs, University of South Florida Rhea Law and University of Central Florida president Alexander Cartwright speak on a panel at the 2022 Synapse Summit at Amalie Arena

2. Hearing from the Leaders of Florida’s Top Universities on their Commitment to Innovation and Leading the Next Generation of Founders

At PS27 we are always looking for the most creative, innovative, and disciplined students to work with our portfolio companies. We connect with Colleges and Universities throughout the region to find startup companies to invest in, engage volunteers in our programs, and hire interns. University leaders of the 23-county Florida High Tech Corridor shared the stage at Synapse Summit 2022 where they celebrated a 25-year legacy of partnership and innovation. We’re here for it!

Flymotion Robot Dog

3. Scouting for Florida’s Latest Tech Companies and Dancing with Flymotion’s Robot Dog

Flymotion is a veteran-owned company and an industry leader providing end-to-end technology solutions, system integration, world-class training, and support. Our subject matter experts bring decades of military and public safety operational experience to professionals across Public Safety, Government, Defense, Security, and Enterprise globally. Check out our video on Instagram to see this robot-dog dance.

Jason Crystal, Miventure and David Duccini, Silicon Prairie

4. Catching Up with PS27 Portfolio Company, Miventure, Recently-Acquired by Silicon Prairie

Miventure, developer of a crowdfunding investment app for startups, was purchased by St. Paul, Minnesota-based Silicon Prairie Holdings Inc. for an undisclosed amount, the companies announced in November. As a result, the two will join forces to build an improved investment crowdfunding portal for businesses.

PS27 and Team Pose at Photos Fla and Tidal Marketing Synapse Summit Photobooth

5. Taking Team Photos with Tidal Marketing and Photos FLA

Yes, we love a fun photo booth. Shout out to Tidal Marketing for helping us create some outstanding content for Synapse! We recognize the hard work and planning it takes to pull off a killer event and give kudos to your team!

Synapse Summit 2022 Photo Gallery

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