Jan 9, 2020

Five visionaries: Industry leaders to offer their insights


Strategy will define success in the new decade. We asked five industry leaders to offer their insights into market trends that might help business owners and executives sharpen their plans.

by: Karen Brune Mathis Editor


Jim Stallings

Stallings, 64, launched PS27 Ventures in 2012 to invest in innovations in the wellness and sustainable living market after he worked almost 30 years in corporate leadership roles with IBM and other large companies. 

Jacksonville’s geographic size is a challenge and an opportunity, especially for entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Its large footprint with a complex infrastructure of bridges and roads means it must embrace its ability to become a smart city. That will lead to startups and solutions, like autonomous vehicles and smart grids, to head off problems and challenges. Read the full article here.

Jim Stallings, CEO PS27 Ventures

Jim Stallings, CEO PS27 Ventures

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