Mar 20, 2019

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7 Signs Your Body Is Expressing Anxiety Physically


You may experience anxious thoughts, but physically, anxiety lives in your body. Everyone is born with a predisposition toward occasional anxiety — a form of self-preservation — but with time, some people do become more anxious than others. Dealing with chronic anxiety is multifaceted, but figuring out how anxiety exists in both your mind and body can be really helpful toward understanding these issues on a deeper level.

Anxiety is meant to be hard-wired. It is a natural way humans have protected themselves throughout the course of evolution. But different people have different thresholds for anxiety, and different bodies process these feelings differently. You may even look back on your past and realize that your adult anxiety has been becoming more and more hard-wired over the years, as you’ve learned the specific ways you personally respond to stress.

“Each time we experience stress and don’t manage it, it builds in our body,” Kristen Fescoe, clinical program manager at Resility Health, tells Bustle. “Over time our bodies become wired for stress and anxiety. Every time we experience day-to-day stressors our bodies exhibit this hard-wired response of fight or flight.” Because of this, anxiety can build up over time.

Understanding whether or not you’re more hard-wired for anxiety than most, however, isn’t that difficult. According to mental health professionals, there are multiple ways to tell.

Here are seven signs your body may be physically wired for anxiety, according to experts.

  1. Difficulty Focusing Or Concentrating

  2. You Struggle With Sleep

  3. You Have Stomach Problems

  4. You Were Socially Anxious As A Child

  5. You Have Back Pain

  6. You Get Headaches Often

  7. You Have Been Rewarded For Being Anxious In The Past


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