Mar 18, 2019

Elevating Women Entrepreneurs at the PS27 Female Founders Forum

Via Jax Chamber


Music filled the air Friday morning as women entrepreneurs, intrepreneurs, and corporate creatives gathered at the PS27 Female Founders Forum event. Put on by PS27 Empowerment, the event was held to celebrate International Women’s Day at the University of North Florida. The forum is an annual event to motivate and improve the skills of female founders and entrepreneurs.

The event kicked off with a workshop on branding by Jennifer Holland. Female founders were encouraged to reflect on their brand and create a compelling brand story. The mission of the PS27 Female Founders Forum sponsored by Baptist Health is to empower a network of entrepreneurs with resources and experiences to allow them to achieve business success.

The program is tailored to startups and features a selection of female leaders that discuss the unique challenges that women face in business. This year’s speakers included Karen Bowling, director at the University of North Florida Center for Entrepreneurship, Audrey Moran, Executive Vice President and President, Baptist Health Foundation and Catherine Graham, Vice President Business Innovation and Development at Baptist Health.

 Keynote, Ashley Wong, a YCombinator alumni and founder of Gemnote, traveled to Jacksonville from Silicon Valley, CA to share her story. Gemnote, founded in 2015 creates unforgettable experiences through sending premium, customized gifts. Their software scales the personal touch for businesses and Gemnote’s clients continue to top the lists for Best Places to Work, including Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Slack and more. To continue reading, click here.


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