Feb 15, 2019

Six New Companies Join StartUp Health Moonshot Academy

Via. StartUp Health

Each quarter, StartUp Health welcomes a number of Health Transformers into our portfolio of digital health entrepreneurs and innovators. Meet six of the newest change makers in our global movement.

Sarah Davidson, Founder & CEO of Resility Health

Sarah is on a moonshot mission to eliminate the effects of chronic stress on health and wellbeing. For small employers who want to increase productivity and reduce the cost of employees dealing with chronic stress, Resility™ delivers digital therapeutic programs that incorporate training exercises, coaching, and biofeedback from wearable sensors, personalized for each individual.

For years, I suffered with chronic neck pain, never realizing it was caused by stress. After trying almost everything that was recommended to help with the pain, a physical therapist told me to try biofeedback. Wired up to different biosensors, I saw how simply thinking about something stressful could immediately affected my body. The stress elevated my heart rate and made my muscles tense. It took a lot of work and trial and error, but the relief from pain I found doing biofeedback and managing my stress changed my life. I wanted to help other people who were suffering, and save them the journey I had gone through.

As I talked with more clinical experts, I realized the stress problem was much bigger than I imagined. Many people shared their stories of chronic health issues and the transformative experiences they had when they addressed their stress. It was then that I realized how many lives could be changed if we could show people the impact of stress on their health. I wanted to  help them avoid the trial and error I went through. Using data and biosensors, we can create intelligent programs that help each individual find the most effective way to manage their stress and improve their health and well-being.

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