Aug 27, 2018

Resility Health Launches Android App to Combat Stress

Resility Health is on a mission to reduce the negative effects of stress, and they are now adding an Android app to their existing lineup of innovative, data-driven stress management tools. This and their iOS mobile app can be used with Resility’s wearable muscle tension sensor to help people recognize when they begin to get tense before it escalates.

Stress is an epidemic in today’s world, with 75% of Americans experiencing physical symptoms from it. Resility was founded in 2016 after Sarah Davidson, the CEO, suffered from chronic pain for years, not realizing it was because of stress.

“People have these health problems, and they try a lot of things that don’t help because they haven’t addressed the root cause,” said Davidson. “People try mindfulness and just give up because it’s so difficult and they can’t tell if it’s working. We wanted to make it easy for people to figure out what works for them.”

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