Aug 14, 2018

FreshJax Launches New BBQ Rub


Summer has arrived and what started as a local family owned startup, has launched their new BBQ Rub to add to their rapidly growing international business.

FreshJax was started by Hillary and Jason McDonald at Riverside Arts Market in Jacksonville, FL. with just 3 products. The product line grew as the community fell in love with their spices and requested new exciting items that they wanted to use that they couldn’t find anywhere else.

The company grew from valued customer feedback and speedy customer service. Jason and Hillary were able to experiment with new flavors during the week and bring the new spice blends to market the very next weekend. Everything from FreshJax is handcrafted, in small batches, using premium organic ingredients.

Now, FreshJax has a loyal following of spice users and chefs from all over the world. They communicate with their followers through their social media accounts, where customers have requested a unique BBQ Rub blend.

“Most barbeque rubs are heavily sweetened with sugar, we wanted to do something much better,” said Jason McDonald.

By using real organic maple syrup together with 14 other organic spices they’ve created versatile rub that can be used on almost anything you’re going to grill, bake, or smoke.


Picture sunshine, friends, family, and your favorite food – now, add FreshJax’s new BBQ rub. Jason and Hillary get to see what the community is cooking with their spices, share recipes, and cooking inspiration through their social media accounts. With the hashtag #FreshJax you can follow along with Jason and Hillary and their one-year-old daughter Ella on their spice journey.

FreshJax is an Amazon’s Choice product and is available on Amazon Prime for 2-day shipping.  The full product line as well as recipes for how to use the spices are also located on the FreshJax website at with free shipping.

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