Jul 20, 2018

Docity: Transforming Telehealth

PS27 Company, Docity, was recently featured in an article written by Government Health featured below. 

Telehealth is transforming the way health care is delivered in many parts of country.

The Electric Power Board of Chattanooga (EPB), the public utility that operates Chattanooga’s network, reports that it will soon reach 100,000 subscribers to its broadband service, and wants to offer those customers more.

“We’re very interested and committed to participating in this telehealth market, and are evaluating our options,” said Katie Espeseth, vice president of product development at EPB. “Having partners that provide innovative products and services is how we plan to maintain our competitive edge in this market.”

In Good Health is a family medical practice that was part of a pilot test for Docity telehealth products and services conducted by EPB.

“Our patients who are under 40 were the most enthusiastic, especially if they have young children,” said Dr. Laurie Davis, principal of the practice. “Parents quickly understand that hours spent in the waiting room full of other sick kids can be painful, and a video consult is just like being in the room with the doctor.” Read more. 

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