May 15, 2018

In Just Six Months of Operation, Kelley’s Company Blended Designs Saw $250,000 in Sales

Via. Jacksonville Business Journal By Dahlia Ghabour  – Reporter

Last March, Casey Kelley’s 9-year-old son Carter took her to dinner and pitched her an idea: he wanted a bag with his face on it. He would wear it to school and put his books in it, he said, and everyone would love it.


Kelley, who was taking a leave of absence from a consumer insights and analytics job and working only on her “side hustle” selling tote bags and T-shirts, decided to look into the data of children’s backpack availability. She found that less than two percent of the backpacks available featured children of color.

“I never thought about it, even though I am a parent of a child of color,” Kelley said. “I was buying Olaf, Captain America. It never crossed my mind.” Kelley, 46, took up her son’s idea.

The first two bags featured Carter and a friend’s daughter Zoe, both wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with white words: “I can do anything.” She posted the bags on Facebook on March 27, 2017 – and they went viral. Read more. 

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