Oct 1, 2018

Docity Health at the 2018 USCA Conference

On September 7th, Docity attended the 2018 USCA to demonstrate how our telehealth software can help with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS in Orlando, Fl.


Docity spent the weekend connecting with others working to make a difference and #FIGHTHIV. On Thursday night, we joined Stevi Atkins, Dionne Ziegler, Teresa Springer and others from the Wellness Services team located in Flint, MI.


HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people throughout multiple communities, but hitting hardest in poorer minority communities, as well as the LBGTQIA community. Docity telehealth software has so much potential to help prevent, diagnose and treat HIV – and we are so inspired to continue to help the cause. Read our blog below to find out more about how telehealth can help. Learn more about Docity at Docity.com.

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