Oct 31, 2017

Startup Spotlight: Jax-based SmartBox is revolutionizing vending

Via. Will Robinson, Reporter, Jacksonville Business Journal

Brandon Stallings, founder of SmartBox, is on a mission to modernize the vending industry.

“There is so much being left on the table in the vending business,” said Stallings. “It’s nowhere near where it could be.”

His company offers vending machines complete with cloud-based inventory tracking, touch screens and loyalty apps, as well as “GoMarkets,” convenience store-styled marketplaces that can fit in an office break room and are fully automated. Meanwhile, only 11 percent of vending machines nationwide have a simple card reader.

Stallings entered the vending industry in college, operating 10 vending machines thanks to an investment from his father, Jim Stallings, managing partner of PS27 Ventures. Surprising his father, Stallings wanted to stay in the vending industry after he graduated from Florida State University.

“If you’re going to do this gig, it takes hustle, and we need to see more of that,” Stallings remembers his father telling him. “That’s when I decided to become a student of the game.”

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